• U2 Multi-function Grinder

    U2 Multi-function Grinder

    Introducing the new and improved Multi-function grinder machine,which can grind End Mill, Inserts, and Drills. Our top-of-the-line sharpening tools refining blades to precision cuts with ease and efficiency. The End Mill Sharpener is a versatile and user-friendly machine, perfect for sharpening a wide range of end mills with multiple flutes. Featuring a durable diamond grinding wheel and powerful motor, this sharpene...
  • Meiwha Combined Precision Vise

    Meiwha Combined Precision Vise

    Made of high-quality alloy steel 20CrMnTi,carburizing treatment,the hardness of working surface reaches HRC58-62. Parallelism 0.005mm/100mm, and squareness 0.005mm. It have interchangeable base,fixed /movable vice jaw is quickly to clamp and easy to operate. Used for precision measurement and inspection, precision grinding. EDM and wire-cutting machine. Guarantee high accuracy in any position. Precision combination vise are not ordinary type it is a new research High Precision Tool Vice.

  • Meiwha Vacuum Chuck MW-06A for CNC Process

    Meiwha Vacuum Chuck MW-06A for CNC Process

    Meiwha Electric Tapping Machine, adopt the best advanced electric servo intelligent system. Used for steel, aluminum, wood plastic and other tapping. imported  motor ,cast iron body, double cantilever ,double pneumatic spring, table support, automatic return, cast iron body is not easy to deformation intelligent servo system, man-machine interface, powerful function, manual, automatic, vibration tapping mode to meet a variety of processing needs, with torque overload protection chuck, prote...
  • Meiwha Precision Vise

    Meiwha Precision Vise

    FCD 60 high quality ductile cast iron -body material-reduce the cutting vibration.

    Angle-fixed design:for vertical & horizontal cutting &processing machine.

    Everlasting clamping power.

    Heavy cutting.

    Hardness> HRC 45°: vise sliding bed.

    High durebility & high precision. Tolerance:0.01/100mm

    Lift proof: press down design.

    Bending resistance:rigid & strong

    Dust proof:concealed spindle.

    Fast &easy operation.

  • Grinding machine
  • Portable EDM machine

    Portable EDM machine

    EDMs abide by the principle of Electrolytic Corrosion to remove broken taps,reamers, drills, screws and so on ,no direct contact, thus, no external force and damage to the work piece; it also canmarking or dropping non precision holes on conducting materials; small size and light weight, shows its special superiority for large workpieces; working liquid is ordinary tap water, economical and convenient.

  • Meiwha Vacuum Chuck MW-06L for CNC Process

    Meiwha Vacuum Chuck MW-06L for CNC Process

    Meiwha Vacuum Chuck,MW-06L The latest of Patent products for Meiwha Vacuum Chuck,can suck all kinds of material with blind holes and through holes. Vacuum Vacuum with Vilmill is always the solution of choice when you want to machine numerous small components from a large-format workpiece. Instantly suck and fix a workpiece with air from a compressor, and used with processing machines such as a machining center or an abrasive machine. Since it is equipped with a vacuum ejector, no other vacuu...
  • Mill Sharpener

    Mill Sharpener

    Meiwha Milling cutter grinding machine,simple and fast,blade clearly visible,convenient to the tool, grinding accuracy within 0.01mm,fully meet the new tool standard,can be processed according to different materials,adjust the sharpness of the grinding tip,improve the life and cutting efficiency.

  • Drill Sharpener

    Drill Sharpener

    MeiWha drill grinders sharpen drills accurately and quickly. Currently, MeiWha offers two drill grinding machines. 

  • Slide Chamfering

    Slide Chamfering

    Chamfering is a difficult task in small areas. A complex chamfer is one of the most useful and high efficiency producing machine. 

  • Grinding Wheel Chamfer

    Grinding Wheel Chamfer

    Chamfering is a difficult task in small areas. A complex chamfer is one of the most useful and high efficiency producing machine. One can use a complex chamfering machine for smoothening of edges at a precise angle. 

  • Complex Chamfer

    Complex Chamfer

    Desktop composite high-speed chamfering machine can be easily 3D chamfering no matter the processing products are curves(such as outer circle,internal control,waist hole) and irregular inner and outer cavity edge chamfering,can replace the CNC machining center ordinary machine equipment can not be processed parts chamfering.can be completed on one machine.

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