End Milling for Aluminum HSS Milling Cutter for Aluminum 6mm – 20mm

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Aluminum is soft when compared to other metals. Which means chips can clog up the flutes of your CNC tooling, especially with deep or plunging cuts. Coatings for end mills can help alleviate the challenges that sticky aluminum can create. 

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Titanium aluminum nitride (AlTiN or TiAlN) coatings are slippery enough to help keep chips moving, especially if you aren’t using coolant. This coating is often used on carbide tooling. If you’re using high-speed steel (HSS) tooling, look for coatings like titanium carbo-nitride (TiCN). That way you get the lubricity needed for aluminum, but you can spend a little less cash than on carbide.

Aluminum milling cutter: The main features of aluminum alloy spiral milling cutter are that it has an ultra-fine grained cemented carbide matrix with a 40°

The helix angle, the number of edges is 2 or 3 edges, the unique sharp cutting edge design makes the cutting process more light and smooth, improving the processing efficiency and the surface quality of the workpiece. As an aluminum alloy spiral milling cutter, the biggest feature is that it is suitable for milling aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals.




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